10 Tips to create an Islaamic Environment around you.

10 Tips to create an Islaamic Environment around you.

1) Put together a small Islaamic Library at home with Islaamic Books, Magazines, Audio Lectures, Etc

2) Copy Authentic Islamic Talks onto CD and listen to them in your car, if you spend a lot of time on the road, or if you are going on a long journey. You can also load them onto your cell-phone or any other suitable electronic device

3) Watch your company. Try and keep away from bad company and try and make friends who are pious, and have good character. Also watch who your spouse and children associate with.

4) Encourage your house members to perform Salaah, Fast and give Charity as a means of increasing faith. Have a box at home for donations to the poor and needy: whatever is put in the box belongs to them, because it is their vessel in the Muslim home.

5) Invite Pious people home and have programs of Ta’leem (teaching) with learned people and learn ahkaam (rules) of Shari’ah among the family.

6) Allocate some time for the family, and even others such as relatives, to hold a study-circle at home and encourage them to come regularly, so that it will be an ongoing commitment for you and them.

7) Cds for children have a great influence on them. Have them listen to a young Qur’aan reciter, or Du’as recited at various times of the day and night, or Islaamic manners, or Anasheeds (with no instrumental accompaniment) with a useful message that will inspire and motivate them.

8) Spend 10 minutes daily after Maghrib Salaah with your entire family discussing some Islamic issue.

9) If you are looking to buy or rent a house, look for one in a Muslim majority area and as close to the Masjid as possible.

10) To create an Islamic Environment, you need to expose yourself to Islam, and also extract yourself off from all that will lead you away from Islam, so:

a) Remove the TV

b) Remove all western magazines, Novels etc, from the house since this not only affects us adults, but our Children as well.

c) Stop listening to music and remove all Music Cds

d) Control what you use the internet for (You can use K9 Webprotection to control the Internet usage Click HERE)

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