An Important Lesson for Married Couples

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This post is primarily directed at men, however it applies to women also.
Sometimes women do not get attracted to the looks of the male, rather they get attracted to his wealth,position,power etc.
Once, a man approached a scholar renowned for his profound wisdom and experience, to complain to him, saying: “When I was fascinated by my wife, she was, in my sight the most beautiful thing in this world ever created by Allāh Subhaanahu WaTa’ala.”“When I proposed to her, I began to see others equal to her in beauty.”

“When I married her, I saw many others who were more elegant than her!”

“A few years after our marriage, it appears to me as though all the women of this world are more classic and more sophisticated than my wife!”

The wise man: “Shall I tell you what is more disastrous and more bitter?”

The man replied: “Yes.”

The wise man: “Were you to marry all the women in this world, you will find the straying dogs on the highways more attractive than all the women of the world!”

The man: “Why do you say so?”

The wise man: “Because the problem is not with your wife. The problem is, if a person were gifted a covetous heart and lustful eyes, and he is lacking in bashfulness, nothing satisfies his gaze except the sand of his grave. Your problem is, you do not lower your gaze from what Allāh Subhaanahu WaTa’ala has prohibited. Do you want your wife to be returned to her previous lofty position as the most beautiful woman on earth?

The man: “Yes.”

The wise man: “Lower your gaze. Allāh says, “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc.). That is purer for them. Verily, Allāh is All-Aware of what they do.”

That which is not in your possession will always appear to you to be better and more precious than what is in your possession. But once you lay your hands on it, it becomes ordinary. Be content with what you possess and do not be selfish, courting all that glitter till you land in your grave.

The worship of Allāh Subhaanahu WaTa’ala is better and more attractive. The sweetness of good deeds are only appreciated by those who live for it. Finally, do not forget to invoke Allāh Subhaanahu WaTa’ala to always beautify your Spouse in your sight and grant you his or her love and compassion.

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