Kindness to the Wife brings Joy to Life

Kindness to the Wife brings Joy to Life In Islam a husband is required to treat his wife with affection, respect her feelings, and show her kindness and consideration. The husband should not show the wife any aversion or subject her to suspense or uncertainty. These guiding principles are established from the Quran and Sunnah and when implemented, bring about a great deal of peace and harmony in marriage. Wife as a Source of Peace Allah says in the Noble Quran “And among His signs is that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find contentment in them, and He has instilled between you affection and

Nikah – Choice of a spouse

Nikah – Choice of a spouse   Islam is a complete code of life which is the single formula that will bring us bliss and joy in this world and the eternal life of the hereafter. It is the system designed by our creator, Allah Ta’aala Who alone has complete and perfect knowledge of the intricacies of human nature. On no issue of importance to our daily life is the Shariah silent. Every aspect has been addressed where we have been given such guidelines that are simple yet all encompassing. The critical institution of Nikah has also been graced with these beautiful guidelines. The choice of your partner in marriage

Parents: Precious Blessings in our Life

Parents: Precious Blessings in our Life   Allaah The Almighty has made our parents the means of giving us life and made them the source of providing us with unparalleled love and a sound upbringing. However, when we grow up, we tend to forget the period of our infancy and childhood and disregard their efforts. What ingratitude can be worse than this?   The very least we can do for our parents is to show goodness and kind treatment towards them while they are alive, and supplicate for them, offer charity and other righteous deeds on their behalf after their death.   Allaah The Almighty mentions the virtues of being

The Importance of Kinship

The Importance of Kinship By Khalid Baig   “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him maintain the bonds of kinship” (Bukhari)   The young man went to attend the weekly hadith lecture of Sayyidna Abu Huraira, Radi-Allahu anhu but the routine opening announcement stopped him. “If anyone sitting here has severed any ties of kinship (qata-ur-rahim), he should leave.” He recalled that an aunt lived in the town with whom he had not been on speaking terms. The young man quietly left the gathering and went straight to his aunt’s home. He asked for forgiveness for his past behavior and sought rapprochement. When the aunt inquired about

Why am I still not married?

Why am I still not married? by S Farooq I remember the chagrin and inner turmoil of being single and hopeful of marriage, back during my early twenties!   Even after almost a decade of marriage, I still vividly remember the constant roller-coaster of emotions that the heart experiences every time a marriage proposal is negotiated.   One thinks: Is this the one?   Will this family/person be my future spouse/in-laws?   Sometimes the marriage negotiation process painstakingly goes on for months, only to culminate in nothing. Up go one’s dreams, hopes and aspirations about the future into thin air! Once again, it is back to square one.   Whether