Television Harmful to Toddlers

The more TV a toddler watches, the higher the likelihood they will do badly at school and have poor health at the age of 10, researchers warn. The study of 1,300 children by Michigan and Montreal universities found negative effects on older children rose with every hour of toddler TV. Performance at school was worse, while consumption of junk foods was higher. The study, part of the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development Main Exposure, asked parents how much TV their children watched at 29 months (two years and five months) and 53 months (four years and five months). On average, the two-year-olds watched just under nine hours of TV

Enjoying Motherhood When They are Young

I called a friend a few days ago to catch up on a few things and found her super busy with her three little ones, all under the age of five. It kind of stopped me in my tracks. I remember when I had three under five and it seems like such a long time ago. A few of my friends have small children and a few have two or three very small children. It can be hard work – long sleepless nights, endless nappies, dragging that big baby-bag everywhere, trying to navigate public transport and shops with a big buggy, having to plan ahead just to try and get

10 Things to Hand Down to your Daughter

1. Knowledge of and love for Allah and the Deen. This is one of the most precious and enduring gifts you can pass down to your daughter, one that will benefit her in this life and the next. 2. Memorisation of the Qur’aan. No matter how little you have memorised yourself, push your daughter to memorise as much she can. Encourage her and help her to revise. It will stand her in good stead in her life and will be a source of reward for you after your death as well. 3. A good example of Muslim womanhood. Most girls look to their mothers for guidance. Embody the characteristics of


1. Beautiful Reception After returning from work, school, travel, or whatever has separated you, begin with a good greeting. Meet him with a cheerful face. Beautify and perfume yourself. Start with good news and delay any bad news until he has rested. Receive him with loving and yearning sentences. Make hard efforts for excellence of the food & having it ready on time 2. Beautify and Soften the Voice *For your husband only, it shouldn’t be used in front of non-mahram men. 3- Smelling Good and Physical Beautification Taking good care of your body and fitness. Put on nice and attractive clothes and perfumes. Bath regularly and, after the monthly


The chaste Muslim woman does not disclose her husband’s secrets, and does not talk to anyone about whatever secrets and other matters which may be between him and her. The serious Muslim woman is above that; she would never sink to the level of such cheap and shameless talk as goes on amongst the lowest type of people. Her time is too precious to be wasted in such vulgar behavior. She would never accept for herself to be counted as one of those people whom the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) described as one of the worst types, “Among the worst type of people in the sight of