“It is the only basis on which a healthy society has ever been built and can be built today” By Khalid Baig “My own feeling is that we’ve pushed women too far,” says Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, the 80 year old Harvard University doctor who is frequently called “America’s Pediatrician,” in a recent interview in the Los Angles Times. “We’ve split them in two, and we have not given them back anything to support themselves on either end.” He has witnessed what forcing the women into the workforce and the breakdown of the family have done to the American children. “I just think our country is in deep, deep trouble,”

Youth: On Culture, Religion, and Generation Gap

By Khalid Baig If the life of this world is an illusion, the period of greatest illusion occurs during youth. It is a period of high energy and great enthusiasm, coupled with an air of invincibility and perpetuity. Like the driver of a fast car, one may also develop a disdain for the slower cars on the highway of life. It is difficult to imagine that the car will run out of fuel and that one day the engine will wear out. For the moment though the car is fast and it can go places! For this reason there are special warnings for the youth and glad tidings for the

Not in Front of the Children

By Ibrahim Bowers Many times parents and adults do things intentionally or unintentionally that may set a bad example to their children and other youngsters around. Below would be some such situations and advises on how to set a better example for your youngsters. Setting Bad Examples for Children “Tell them I’m not here,” we yell to our spouse or children as the telephone rings. Although we might no have noticed it, we have just set an example of lying for our children. When they see us lying, they may say to themselves that it’s okay to lie. Dad and mom do it. If we had been more conscious of

Parenting Goals and Ideas

By Khalid Baig “O Believers! Save Yourself and Your families from a Fire whose fuel is men and stones.” [At-Tahreem, 66:6] This verse points to the goal as well as the required seriousness of our efforts in bringing up our children. The central goal of their education and upbringing must be to prepare them for the future — the Ultimate and Everlasting Future. One path leads to success there. It is the path of obedience to our Creator. We must protect them from taking any other path for all other paths lead to the blazing Hellfire. Our efforts must have the urgency they would have if we saw flames engulfing


  ‘ If women hold on to their front, the entire army will succeed. If they leave it for “greater action” elsewhere, everyone will lose. ‘ By Khalid Baig In April President Clinton gathered an army of former presidents, state governors, city mayors and hundreds of prominent people from all 50 states to address one of the most pressing problems facing America today. He brought former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, to lead this army. Their task: Solve the problem of 15 million young Americans who are considered at-risk youth. “They are at risk of growing up unskilled, unlearned, or, even worse, unloved,” said Powell, who