10 ugly habits of wives

read time: 4 min If you want to have a happy marriage, stay away from these 10 ugly habits. 1. Nagging Believe it or not, your husband’s a pretty smart guy. Really, he is. He hears what you’re saying (most of the time), he understands what needs to get done (most of the time), and he fully intends to follow through (most of the time). But, he’ll do it on his own time and in his own way, and there’s no amount of nagging you can do that will change that. Nagging will only create tension. 2. Complaining Your life may not be perfect, but complaining about it certainly won’t make it any

Devil Under a Scarf: True Story of A Taboo Topic – Husband Abuse

Abdullah’s (name changed) Tale: Abused to the Point of Attempting Suicide, Allah Granted Him a Way Out I wanted to make a video, but I couldn’t. Even now that it’s all over, the very thought that my ex might watch it fills me with fear; fear for not only myself but my family. So, instead, I decided to write this anonymously. I hope that in some way it might help others understand and empower them to fight against domestic abuse in all its forms. I met my ex-spouse at the international university where we both studied. Everyone on campus glowed with admiration for this person, constantly singing their praises as

The Mother’s Lap – The Best Creche

Bint Assalaam There has been shock and outrage after pictures and video footage emerged of a 21 month old baby girl, bound and gagged with packaging tape, at a Johannesburg Day Care Centre. The horrific images of the toddler trying to free herself from her bonds in the crèche’s bathroom were published in the Daily Sun. The tabloid quoted an insider saying the child had been bound for three hours to keep her quiet as the crèche supervisor watched television. Numerous incidents of abuse of children left in the care of nannies, day care workers and day mothers have been reported. It’s a service that many working mothers – and

Forgotten Heroines: The Housewifes Lament

  Money is tight. The kids are demanding. Skin is raw from all the cooking, cleaning and chores that have to be done every day. There’s absolutely no time to spare for anything else, whether it’s pursuing further education or volunteering for a special cause. Does this sound familiar? There are Muslim women all over the world who find themselves at home, living life as domestic stay-at-home mums and housewives. It’s a physically and emotionally demanding job and it’s also a pretty thankless one. How can spending all day serving others, instead of being involved in some kind of noble, public cause, ever be truly fulfilling and worth recognition –

There is NO “TEENAGER” Phase in Islam

read time: 3 min The ‘teenager’ image was artificially created in the 1920s by marketing gurus and other social engineers. The aim was to bring into existence an artificial demographic that could be targeted by the commercial sector and to encourage the purchase and consumption of all manner of useless, unnecessary gadgets, fads and fashion items designed to give those between the ages of thirteen and nineteen the impression that: (a) they were different; and (b) that they were somehow special. And so, instead of a child being prepared gradually and carefully by its parents for the arrival of maturity and adulthood, and to start behaving responsibly and constructively (a child has