Seven Beautiful Characteristics Which Make a Wife Exceptional

1) The Patient: The woman who remains patient in all circumstances, and tries to never whine, moan, nag or complain. When some trouble or affliction hits her, she turns to Allah Almighty for help. 2) The Protector: The woman who protects her husband’s wealth and her chastity when he is away from home. She doesn’t gossip or mingle with other men, nor does she allow anyone into their home without his approval. As a clever and wise wife, she knows, respects and stays within the boundaries of his gheerah (protective jealousy). When he returns, she runs into his arms, as if she was anticipating for his return. She allows him

Game Over

  Playing is a natural activity for a child and is even important for the correct, healthy development of a child. For a child, playing is not merely a pastime. Rather, it is a developmental and educational process through which the child learns many basic principles such as cause and effect, effort and reward, etc. It is due to the process of playing being such an effective medium of education that teachers seek to capitalize on playing and use it to engage the students in games through which they will be educated in a subtle yet definite and enjoyable manner. However, since the world has taken the route of technology,

10 ways to make homemaking a stress-free ibadah

The phone is ringing … as I run to attend it, I realise the living room is a mess with toys lying all over. As I start speaking, the call from the potty comes “Mama! I’m done!” The pressure cooker then whistles and wakes up the sleeping baby. While this is my average day, I am not complaining. Seriously. Alhamdulillah for all these blessings — kids, provision, shelter and so much more. But I know that I, and all stay-at-home mummies like me, feel stressed out at times. So, let’s tackle it together. People often tend to view “Homemaking” as a list of chores like cleaning, washing and cooking of

Marrying Mr Right in Wrongwaytown

  Marriages are made in heaven, but the wedding ceremony takes place on earth … and at times, besides the Mehr-e-Fatimi, there is nothing heavenly about it.   Many thousands of years ago, long before this earth was even created, when the pen of destiny was writing in the skies, the sweetest thing happened: the name of your sweetheart was placed next to yours. Special consideration was taken in this sacred union by the Almighty Himself. It was to be blessed with happiness and prosperity. But sadly on our part on earth, the way some of us conduct our wedding ceremonies nowadays, it seems that everyone but the Almighty, that

“Orphans” …with Parents!

It’s a beautiful sunny day, Moosa and Fatima, two bubbly and vibrant 5 year old twins, try to draw their parent’s attention to the lovely sandcastles they had been constructing for hours in the garden. Dad is too busy viewing television and replying to emails on his Blackberry mobile while mum has for the last few hours been chatting with her friends and updating her Facebook page. Mum and dad, hardly take notice of their kid’s achievement. Both parents are usually so involved in their work and social environments that they “hardly” get time for their kids. Apart from the first four weeks spent with mum after birth both Moosa