The First Step to Heaven

December 27, 2015 0

  As Salaamu alaikum. I am Zamiya, eleven years old. I pour love from my heart and soul into everything I write.   I never […]

From temple to Baitullah

December 26, 2015 0

From temple to Baitullah – Hamza Chinsamy’s journey from Hinduism to Hajj   Hamza Chinsamy’s journey to Islam began about twenty years ago, as a […]


December 26, 2015 0

    By Khadijah Natalie Arbee   I am a muslim women. I wear the niqaab (face veil). I’m one of those to whom the […]

Scientists on the Qur’aan

December 26, 2015 0

Keith L. Moore Professor Emeritus, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Toronto. Distinguished embryologist and the author of several medical textbooks, including Clinically […]

Reward Only From Allah

December 26, 2015 0

  Reflections on the Hadith on intention and its impact on our salaf. By Khalid Baig One of the most important teachings of Islam has […]


December 26, 2015 0

“It is the only basis on which a healthy society has ever been built and can be built today” By Khalid Baig “My own feeling […]

The Miracle of the Qur’aan

December 26, 2015 0

By Khalid Baig ‘… For only then we truly live. Otherwise we only pretend to live….’ It happened at an international inter-faith conference. The organizers […]

Islam is the Solution

December 26, 2015 0

By Khalid Baig The term “Third World” was coined in 1952, in the wake of the Second World War, to refer to the ex-colonies that […]

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