The Miracle of the Qur’aan

By Khalid Baig ‘… For only then we truly live. Otherwise we only pretend to live….’ It happened at an international inter-faith conference. The organizers decided to end the conference with readings from the scriptures of major religions, done by followers of other religions. As it happened, an Arab Christian read a passage from the Qur’aan. He was a good reciter. Every one seemed to be moved by his heart-rending reading, including the reciter himself. Immediately afterward, prominent Muslim thinker and writer, Maulana Waheeduddin Khan, who narrated this story, asked him: “Do you think Qur’aan is the Word of God?” In a moment of truth he said: “Yes.” But, then,

Islam is the Solution

By Khalid Baig The term “Third World” was coined in 1952, in the wake of the Second World War, to refer to the ex-colonies that were not part of the two newly emerged geopolitical blocs of associated interests. The “Third” then meant the third way. But, the world order setup by the “First World” in the post-colonial period was even more exploitative than the one that immediately preceded it. It engineered a net transfer of wealth, at an increasing rate, from the poor countries to the rich, making the former poorer and the latter richer. While in 1820 the estimates of disparity of wealth between the richest and the poorest

Better, Try to See the Light

By Khalid Baig Modern day Christianity and Judaism have been through a series of “reformation” processes. Over the centuries tens of thousands of “reformed churches” and “reformed synagogues” have been established throughout Europe and America. Many see this revision and update as a continuous process. So, why not Islam? This question is a perplexing one for those looking at Islam from the outside. Unfortunately for many, it brings rage rather than reflection. Some are driven to do whatever it takes to make it happen. It is a measure of the intensity of such desire that, today, any ignoramus with a Muslim sounding name can become instant celebrity by declaring that

Young. British. Female. Muslim.

  From Times Online May 29, 2010 Thousands of young British women living in the UK decide to convert to Islam – here are some of their stories. It’s a controversial time for British women to be wearing the hijab, the basic Muslim headscarf. Last month, Belgium became the first European country to pass legislation to ban the burka (the most concealing of Islamic veils), calling it a “threat” to female dignity, while France looks poised to follow suit. In Italy earlier this month, a Muslim woman was fined €500 (£430) for wearing the Islamic veil outside a post office. And yet, while less than 2 per cent of the

Why I Shed Bikini for Niqab: The New Symbol of Women’s Liberation

By Sara Bokker I am an American woman who was born in the midst of America’s “Heartland.” I grew up, just like any other girl, being fixated with the glamour of life in “the big city.” Eventually, I moved to Florida and on to South Beach of Miami, a hotspot for those seeking the “glamorous life.” Naturally, I did what most average Western girls do. I focused on my appearance and appeal, basing my self-worth on how much attention I got from others. I worked out religiously and became a personal trainer, acquired an upscale waterfront residence, became a regular “exhibiting” beach-goer and was able to attain a “living-in-style” kind