Safe and Secure​

  In an age of crime and danger, where hijackings, burglaries, hold-ups, murders, rapes and kidnappings are rife, people are understandably worried about their safety and security. Effective safety and security can be acquired through making du‘aa to Allah Ta‘ala to protect us and reciting the various du‘aas of protection mentioned in the ahaadeeth, together with adopting the means of protection such as burglar bars, security gates, alarm systems, armed response, etc. Hereunder, we will elaborate on the aspect of making du‘aa for safety and security, while a separate article on physical, practical safety tips will insha-Allah follow at a later stage. Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam), in his blessed ahaadeeth,

Sihr and Jinn Obsession

read time: 3 min There are many, many people – especially women – who have the suspicion that someone has done some witchcraft on them, on their children and husbands, or that they are being troubled by some Jinn. There is no doubt that some people may genuinely be afflicted with Sihr or Jinn, who may require some treatment. However, the opinion, assumption and diagnosis that every ailment, difficulty or problem stems from sihr and jinn has become a fixation and an obsession for so many. The solution that many people then resort to is visiting the many Aamils who frequent our shores. Whilst there are some very sincere and pious Aamils,

Women in the Workplace

read time: 3 minFor sisters, many of us are either pursuing degrees or academic qualifications for the purpose of securing work opportunities, due to necessity or just to enjoy the much sought after ‘sense of Independence’. An Islamic consciousness would usually drive a sister to wonder: “To work or not to work?” So when one of the Shuyookh was asked this question, this was his response: ❝There is a need of women to work at certain times/situations eg. widow,single, divorcee with no male mahrams to care for her or husband not working etc, but where does she work? Amongst men? Does she speak to them and they to her? She laughs with them and

Inheritance – Important Points To Consider

read time: 4 min Moulana Moosa Kajee The importance of following the Islamic Law of Inheritance can be appreciated by the fact that Allah Himself explains the share allotment in great detail. Other laws were left for Nabi  to elaborate on. Yes, we learn greater detail from the Ahaadeeth, the application of the Sahabah and consensus of the jurists from the time of the Sahabah to the time of the Tab’ut Tabi’een (students of the Sahabah’s students). -May Allah be pleased with them all. The Jurists then separated the codification of these laws from the major portion of Islamic Laws which gave birth to the specialized branch of learning called al Faraaidh or

The Virtues of Jumu’ah

(3min read) Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) said, “Friday is the best of days. It was on this day that Hadrat Aadam alayhis salaam was created, it was on this day that he was granted entry into jannah, it was on this day that he was removed from jannah (which became the cause for man’s existence in this universe, and which is a great blessing), and the day of resurrection will also take place on this day. ” (Sahih Muslim) Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) said, “There is such an hour on Friday that if any Muslim makes Dua in it, his Dua will definitely be accepted. ” (Bukhari, Muslim) Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi wa