10 Ugly habits of a Husband

read time: 4 minBe sure to guard against these 10 ugly habits that could destroy your marriage. OK, so you aren’t an awful husband. But there are some pretty awful things you definitely don’t want creeping into your marriage. Your wife deserves better than a husband with any of these 10 ugly habits. 1. Critical Please watch yourself and don’t get caught in the trap of criticizing your wife. Choose to see the good in your wife. Compliment her on all the things she is doing right. Next time you find yourself wanting to tell her something you don’t like about her, switch it around and pay her a sincere compliment. She will love it. 2. Controlling

Inheritance – Important Points To Consider

read time: 4 min Moulana Moosa Kajee The importance of following the Islamic Law of Inheritance can be appreciated by the fact that Allah Himself explains the share allotment in great detail. Other laws were left for Nabi  to elaborate on. Yes, we learn greater detail from the Ahaadeeth, the application of the Sahabah and consensus of the jurists from the time of the Sahabah to the time of the Tab’ut Tabi’een (students of the Sahabah’s students). -May Allah be pleased with them all. The Jurists then separated the codification of these laws from the major portion of Islamic Laws which gave birth to the specialized branch of learning called al Faraaidh or

A Maktab Apa’s (teacher) Passion to Teach Deen

Bismihi Ta’ala In this day and age, teaching little children in a primary makatb is not amongst the easiest of tasks. Teachers are faced with major challenges in the classroom. Often the Apa goes back home at the end of the day tired and dejected. The question that keeps on ringing in her mind is, “Are we winning?” Each day brings about new challenges for the maktab Apa. The children in her classroom are so different. Some are from broken homes, others from mixed marriages and yet some from foreign backgrounds who don’t even understand our language. Then, we are faced with the challenge of technology. Children are addicted to

Uninfluenced by Others

read time: 2 minThere was once a man who intended travelling to a certain place for some work. However, his neighbours, for some reason, did not want him to leave home. In order to achieve their goal and keep him at home, the neighbours went to his wife and attempted to influence her saying, “How can you allow him to leave you and travel? He hasn’t even left any expenditure for you!” The wife calmly replied, “Ever since I’ve known my husband, I’ve known him to be the means through which the food comes home – not the one who actually provides the food. The One who provides for me is my Rabb, Allah Ta‘ala. If

The Mother’s Lap – The Best Creche

Bint Assalaam There has been shock and outrage after pictures and video footage emerged of a 21 month old baby girl, bound and gagged with packaging tape, at a Johannesburg Day Care Centre. The horrific images of the toddler trying to free herself from her bonds in the crèche’s bathroom were published in the Daily Sun. The tabloid quoted an insider saying the child had been bound for three hours to keep her quiet as the crèche supervisor watched television. Numerous incidents of abuse of children left in the care of nannies, day care workers and day mothers have been reported. It’s a service that many working mothers – and