The baby’s water of life and the first breath

  Amniotic fluid is specially produced for the baby; it ensures that the organs are prepared to function after birth. The baby, as it were, practices with the amniotic fluid to become accustomed to the outside world by regularly ingesting it. In this way, its tongue begins to perceive bitter, sweet, salty and sour tastes. Afterward, the saliva glands begin to function. The amniotic fluid ingested by the foetus begins to prepare the intestines for their absorptive function, and it makes the kidneys function by creating the necessity for the constant filtration of this same fluid from the blood. The fluid absorbed from the kidneys is transmitted back again to

The placenta The Bridge of life

  Life support systems produced by the latest technology, used in most hospitals and valued at millions of dollars, are primitive and nearly useless when compared with a piece of flesh weighing only a few kilograms. This piece of flesh is the placenta, called by scientists “the real hero of birth”. 1 At a particular time the embryo begins to take nutrients, oxygen and other material from the mother’s blood. The placenta, which is created to supply all the needs of the developing foetus, acts as a bridge ensuring the passage of this material between the mother and the foetus (From the beginning of the third month, the embryo is

The miracle that prevents the suns ceasing to exist

  A Giant Ball of Fire An enormous ball of fire that split away from the Sun has a temperature of 60,000 degrees and is filled with ionised gas particles. The reactions that take place inside the Sun, which is a giant nuclear reactor, release enormous energy. The slightest deviation that might occur in these reactions, which represent the fundamental source for the survival of human life, would lead to the Sun being extinguished or else exploding within a matter of seconds. The fact that such a danger never arises stems from the way that these processes within the Sun have been regulated with a miraculous sensitivity. When we examine

Back To School…But What About Islamic Education?

Education is the most important and powerful tool which you can use to change the world. An educated nation begets educated children which equals a harmonious environment on earth provided it is used constructively. With the new school year only a few days away, have today’s parents and students become non-chalant, lackadaisical and discarded Islamic or maktab education? Have they forfeited the inheritance left by our beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)? The inheritance of his knowledge, his principles and his complete way of life? The value of Islamic education is priceless. Islam stands as the most rational and precise religion that Allah has given the whole mankind. It gives important

It’s our offspring at stake!!!

Upbringing our children in current times is truly challenging. If nothing is done soon, one cannot imagine how worse it could get. There’s nothing more sad than “losing” your child. Tips by Khalifah ‘Umar ibn’Abdil ‘Aziz I feel that Khalifah ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdil ‘Aziz’s (rahimahullah) advice below is very apt and pertinent. :وكتب عمر بن عبد العزيز إلى مؤدب ولده خذهم بالجفاء فهو أمنع لاقدامهم ، وترك الصبحة فان عادتها تكسب الغفلة، وقلة الضحك فان كثرته تميت القلب ، وليكن أول ما يعتقدون من أدبك بغض الملاهي التي بدؤها من الشيطان ، وعاقبتها سخط الرحمن ، فانه بلغني عن الثقات من حملة العلم أن حضور المعازف واستماع الأغاني واللهج بهما ينبت النفاق