Top 10 reasons to turn off your TV

by Mark Stibich Turning off your television will gain you, on average, about 4 hours per day. Imagine if you took that time to exercise, give your brain a workout and develop strong relationships. Not only would you be adding years to your life, you would become more interesting, energetic, and fun. So take the plunge and try not watching TV for a week. At first it will be strange and awkward, but stick with it and soon you will love all the extra time. 1️⃣ Television Eats Your Time The average U.S. adult watches more than 4 hours of television a day. That’s 25 percent of waking time spent every


In an age where people’s lives are so transparent for many to view via social networking sites, often “stalking” can lead to envy as we compare our lives to the lives of others. So as we gaze at the photographs of our friends’ weddings, holidays, newborns, spouses or homes, envy maybe nurtured within us. If we hear news of someone doing well in their exams, or gaining a job promotion, envy may grow within us. Envy may perhaps initially be indiscernible within our hearts. But on closer inspection we realise we wish we had what they enjoy and we would feel pleasure at the thought of them losing that blessing.

Jealousy and Envy – Are you Guilty?

Rasoolullah (Sallallhu Alayhi wa Sallam) said: “ Beware of jealousy, for verily it destroys good deeds the way fire destroys wood. ” (Abu Dawood) Zubayr bin al Awwaam (radhiyallahu anhu) narrates that the Rasoolullah (Sallallhu Alayhi wa Sallam) said: “ There has come to you the disease of the nations before you, jealousy and hatred. This is the ‘shaver’ (destroyer); I do not say that it shaves hair, but that it shaves (destroys) faith ”. This is a hadith hasan, (Jami ut Tirmidhi (2434)) Allah Ta’ala says: “ Allah favoured some of you over others with wealth and properties. Do they deny the favours of Allah? ” (Surah an-Nahl (16): 71)

10 Tips to Kick the Backbiting Bug

Backbiting is easy to commit. A perfectly acceptable conversation can take a nasty turn in an instant. You can find yourself backbiting without even realising how it happened. Someone asked the Prophet (Salallaahu Alaihi WaSalaam) about backbiting and he said, “ It is to mention about a man what he does not want to hear .” He said, “ Messenger of Allah! Even if it is true? ” The Messenger of Allah (Salallaahu Alaihi WaSalaam) said, “ If you utter something false, then it is slander .” (Muwatta) Many people do not realise how broadly ‘backbiting’ is defined. Backbiting includes listening as well as making statements. It can be done by words, a

Taking sins lightly

The Messenger of Allah (Salallaahu Alaihi Wasalaam) said: “ Beware of sins that are treated as minor. (It is) just like a people who encamp in the centre of a village and someone brings a stick of firewood and someone else brings another stick of firewood until they are able to bake their bread (with all the wood collected). Likewise sins treated as being minor eventually destroy a person (as they accumulate) when (or even before) he is taken to account for them. ” (MUSNADE-AHMAD) The message of this hadeeth is reiterated by the words of Hadrat Abdullah Bin Mas’ood when he said: “ The believer sees his sins as