How to be content with what you have


It’s very easy to forget all the blessings that Allah Ta’ala has given you when your imaan is low and stress gets the better of you.  Allah Ta’ala teaches us to be grateful for everything we have, from the food in our mouth, to the clothes on our back, for our health and for each of our senses.

Not being content is a sign of ingratitude to your Creator. When you complain that you don’t have this or don’t have that, remember this beautiful hadith of the Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasalaam:

“Always look at those above you for the Deen and those below you for the dunya.” [Bukhāri]

This is one of the most complete hadiths for those who constantly compare themselves to others and complain.  It’s also a subtle reminder for who we should take as our role models. In today’s society, we take the rich and famous as poor role models and aspire to be like them. In reality, we should take the pious as role models to lift our imaan and look to those who have little as a reminder to be grateful to Allah and praise him accordingly.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us all the patience to deal with our trials with gratitude for what we have, so we may be rewarded in the hereafter – ameen.

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