Jahannam (Part 6)

The Worst Evil Deeds of Those Who Will Remain Forever in Hell(1 of 5)

The Qur’an speaks at length of the evil deeds for which those who will abide in the Hell forever deserve their never-ending fate. Here we will mention the most serious of them.

(1) Kufr and Shirk:

Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala) tells us that it will be said to those who disbelieved, when they are in the Fire, that Allah’s hatred of them will be greater than their own hatred towards themselves because of their disbelief. Then He explains that their eternal fate in Hell is because of their kufr and shirk:

“The unbelievers will be addressed: “Greater was the aversion of Allah to you than [is] your aversion to yourselves, seeing that you were called to the Faith but you used to refuse. They will say, “Our Rabb! Twice have You made us without life, and twice have You given us life! Now have we recognised our sins: is there any way out [of this]?” [The answer will be]: “This is because, when Allah was invoked as the Only [object of worship] you did reject Faith, but when partners were joined to Him, you believed! The Command is only with Allah, All-High, All-Great !” (40:10-12)

Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala) tells us that the keeper of Hell will ask the kuffaar as they are approaching Hell:

“Did there not come to you your messengers with clear signs ?” (40:50)

The response will be that they deserved Hell because they disbelieved in the Messengers and their Message:

“They will say, “Yes indeed; a Warner did come to us, but we rejected him” and said: “Allah never sent down any [Message] you are in nothing but a great error !” (67:9)

Concerning those who disbelieved in the Qur’an, Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala) says:

“for We have sent you a Message from Our own presence. If any do turn away therefrom, verily they will bear a burden on the Day of Judgement. They will abide in this [state] and grievous will that burden be to them on that Day “. (20:99-101)

Concerning those who disbelieve the Qur’an and associate partners with Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala), Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala) says:

“Those who reject the Book and the [Revelations] with which We sent Our Messengers: but soon shall they know, when the yokes [shall be] round their necks, and the chains, they shall be dragged along. In the boiling fetid fluid, then in the Fire shall they be burned. Then shall it be said to them, “Where are the deities to which you gave part-worship in derogation to Allah? They will reply: “They have left us in the lurch. Nay, we invoked not, of old, anything [that had real existence].” Thus does Allah leave the unbelievers to stray. That was because you were want to rejoice on the earth in things other than the Truth, and that you were want to be ignorant. Enter the gates of Hell, to dwell therein and evil is [this] abode of the arrogant “.(40:70-76)

Concerning those kuffaar and mushrikeen who regarded their gods as equal to the Rabb of the Worlds, Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala) says:

“Then they will be thrown headlong into the [Fire] – they and those straying in Evil and the whole hosts of Iblees together. They will say there in their mutual bickerings: “By Allah, we were truly in an error manifest, when we held you [false gods] as equals with the Rabb of the Worlds ” (26:94-98)

Concerning the fate on the Day of Judgement of those who disbelieved, Allah said:

“If you do marvel [at their want of faith] strange is their saying: “When we are [actually] dust, shall we indeed then be a creation renewed?” They are those who disbelieve in their Rabb! They are those around whose necks will be yokes [of servitude]. They will be Companions of the Fire to dwell therein [for aye ]!” (13:5)

” ..their abode will be Hell; every time it shows abatement, We shall increase for them the fierceness of the Fire. That is their recompense, because they rejected Our Signs and said, “When we are reduced to bones and broken fragments, should we really be raised up [to be] a new creation ?” (17:97-98)

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