My Islamic Bucket List

bucket list is a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime, or within a specified timeline.

The list below is in no particular order. You can create your own list with ideas from here

1) Read 10 000 times La-ilaaha illallAllah

2) Read 10 000 times Subhanallah.

3) Read 10 000 times Alhamdullilah

4) Read 10 000 times Allahu Akbar

5) Sponsor a borehole (waterwell) for a poor community (If you can’t afford it then get members of your family/community to assist in sponsorship).

6) Take care of an orphan for a week

7) Plant a 100 trees that will feed people/animals and/or give shade.

8) Ask everybody you know for forgiveness via SMS/whatsapp etc, as it is easier than face to face

9) Give a weeks worth of your time to any charity organization.

10) Tell 100 people about Islam.

11) Feed a poor family for a month

12) Buy a present for each family member and each aunt, uncle and cousin, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it can also be home-made.

13) Give away the most loved material item, that you can do without.

14) Give away all your clothes, shoes, appliances etc that you haven’t used in the last 6 months.

15) Volunteer for a day at an orphanage.

16) Read a book on the Life of Nabi (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasalaam)

17) Read a book on the lives of the Sahaba (Radiallahu Anhum)

18) Read a Tafseer of the Quraan

19) Give up watching TV, social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter), Internet for a month

20) Wear Hijab/Niqaab for a month

21) Wear Kurta and/or Turban for a month

22) Learn the 99 names of Allah Ta’ala

23) Visit your neighbours with a present, or send them a present

24) Give out 100 copies of an Islamic book that had a significant impact on your life

25) Learn the meaning of your favourite Surah

26) Learn CPR/first aid

27) Pay for the groceries for the person who is behind or infront of you in the queue.

28) Educate prisioners about Islam at your local prison

28) Revive a sunnah.

29) Draw your family tree (include several generations)

30) Visit the sick/hospital.

31) Buy/make a tasty meal for a beggar/homeless person.

32) Buy new clothes for a poor/homeless person.

33) Do a charity drive/ auction to raise R1000 for a reputable charity organization of your choice.

Tips when creating your own bucketlist

 Choose all the ideas you would like to do from the list above (you can add some of your own ideas also).

  • Prioritize any 3 to plan and work on, at a time, so that you dont get demotivated before you start.
  • Set a timeline of when you want to complete it.
  • You can change figures to suit you, for example instead of ‘plant 100 trees’ you can make it 10 trees
  • Break it down into activities and start, for example to read the Seerah of Nabi (Sallalaahu Alaihi wasalaam):

– Research and find the best book on his life.

– Purchase it.

– Schedule to read 10 pages a day or a deadline to finish.

  • Make a combination of big and small goals.
  • Complete a few small ones first to give you motivation.
  • Keep your list somewhere where you will see it often to remind you about it
  • Don’t be unrealistic with your goals

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