The Great Virtue of Lowering the Gaze

The Great Virtue of Lowering the Gaze   By Imaam ibn al-Qayyim   Taken from ‘al-Muntaqaa min Ighaathatul Lufhaan fee Masaayid ash-Shaytaan’ [pp.’s 102-105] of ibn al-Qayyim, summarised by Alee Hasan Allaah, the Exalted said,   “Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their private parts; that will make for greater purity for them. Indeed Allaah is well acquainted with all that they do.” [an-Nur (24):30]   So Allaah Ta’aala made purification and spiritual growth to be the outcome of lowering the gaze and guarding the private parts. It is for this reason that lowrering ones gaze from (seeing) the prohibited things necessarily leads

This May Be Your Last Ramadaan…!

This May Be Your Last Ramadaan…! All praise is due to Allah Ta’ala, may peace and salutations be upon His Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam), his household and companions. We are once again blessed with the Honourable month of Ramadaan. A month for renewing our faith, strengthening our willpower, and seeking forgiveness, a unique opportunity to strengthen the bond of love with our Creator, through fasting, recitation of the Quran, Taraweeh salaah, and through acts of charity. People approach Ramadaan in different ways. Ramadaan means different things to different people. Some people view Ramadaan as a period of expressing their undying love for the Beloved. For them, Ramadaan is a


Sehri It is related by Anas that the Apostle of Allah (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) said: “Eat sehri for there is blessings in it.” (Bukhari and Muslim) Commentary: A common practice of sehri is that it sustains the person who fasts and helps in mitigating the rigours of fasting while the other, the inner and exceptional, aspect what has been indicated in the tradition quoted in Musnad-i-Ahmad, on the authority of Abu Sa’eed Khadri(R.A.). It says:“There is auspiciousness in sehri. Do not forgo it. If nothing else, a drought of water should be taken at that time; for Allah bestows mercy upon those who eat sehri and angels pray for their

The Other Doors

The Other Doors Our 4 year old son has some fairly serious health problems, so we are “frequent fliers” at the local children’s hospital. Two weeks ago, our son was there for several days having surgery. As stressful as that was for us, my visits to that hospital almost always leave me feeling grateful. Why? Because of “the other doors.” As I walk the corridors of that hospital, I pass doors leading to many different departments. I pass the department where surgeons reconstruct children’s faces. I pass the department where specialists treat children who have been tragically burned. I pass the department where children with cancer spend their childhoods battling

Backbiting and Slander

Backbiting and Slander     And why did you not, when you heard it, say? “It is not right of us to speak of this: Glory to God, this is a most serious slander” (Quran 24:16) A commentary on one of the most destructive of major sins   Islam is a religion of peace, love and compassion. Lies, suspicion, back biting, slander and gossip are totally alien to Islam. In fact they are considered amongst the most destructive of major sins. This is so because these sins sow enmity and discord among the Muslim Ummah and lead to its destruction. They cause hostilities between people of the same household, and