Uninfluenced by Others

read time: 2 minThere was once a man who intended travelling to a certain place for some work. However, his neighbours, for some reason, did not want him to leave home.

In order to achieve their goal and keep him at home, the neighbours went to his wife and attempted to influence her saying, “How can you allow him to leave you and travel? He hasn’t even left any expenditure for you!”

The wife calmly replied, “Ever since I’ve known my husband, I’ve known him to be the means through which the food comes home – not the one who actually provides the food. The One who provides for me is my Rabb, Allah Ta‘ala. If my husband, who is only the means of the food coming home, is not here, then Allah Ta‘ala who provides the food is still here to provide for me (and He can send it home through some other means).

(Ihyaau ‘Uloomid Deen vol. 2, pg. 80)


1. Allah Ta‘ala alone is the Provider. When we have firm conviction in this, we will not be tempted to stretch our hands towards haraam, and we will realize that the key to solving our problems is to please Allah Ta‘ala and turn to Him in du‘aa.

2. Often, a couple enjoy a happy marriage and fulfilling life. However, others interfere in their marriage and ‘create’ unhappiness. They plant complaints in the wife’s mind that she never even knew she had, and in this manner, they brainwash her and poison her mind, until she is convinced that her marriage is one of unhappiness – even though she was happy just days before. For our own sakes and the sake of our marriages, we need to guard ourselves against these influences by not listening to them or entertaining their ideas, and we need to focus on the happiness that we enjoy and express gratitude to Allah Ta‘ala and our husbands for this. On our part, we should avoid doing this to others – even if unintentionally.

3. Even if a husband has certain faults, a loyal wife will not discuss them with all and sundry and reveal his shortcomings to others. Instead, she will try to safeguard his dignity, just as she expects him to safeguard her dignity and honour as well.


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