5 Steps to Reconnect with your Wife

No matter how hard you’ve worked all day, do you dread getting a disappointed look from you wife when you enter the house?

Are you tired of hearing complaint after complaint?

What happened to those happy days?

Do you miss her smile?

Is there something you can do to bring it back?

Before we start, remember one very important fact about women,

“A woman’s need for emotional security is greater than her need for financial security. So, working hard at the office is great, but if you want her to love you, you need to put some hours in your emotional connection with her.”

Here are 5 simple steps to reconnect with your wife and start building emotional happiness:

💕1. Say “I Love You” More Often

💕2. Take Notice Of The Little Things And Say Something Nice

Understand that your wife is capable of multi-tasking. What does this mean? She can juggle the cooking, cleaning and caring for your children and home all at the same time. If your home was a business, it would need at least 10 men to run the place smoothly. So, the next time things don’t look perfect, give her a break and add a nice compliment instead.

What To Say?

“You are an amazing mother!”

“That meal was delicious!”

“Thank you for taking care of everything while I’m at work.”

If you notice something new on her, or a change in her style, but can’t pinpoint exactly what it is?
Just realize that your wife wants to beautify herself for you by accessorizing with jewelry, makeup and such. This is all for you! So give her the compliments she deserves.

What Not To Do…

Never stare at another woman when your wife is present (even when she’s not present).

Don’t joke about marrying another woman – this will destroy her self-confidence, which in turn, will destroy her love for you.

💕3. Gain Some Points Through Simple Acts of Kindness

Face it, when the mood isn’t happy at home, it means you’re in need of some points. The point factor just explains how your relationship with your wife is going. If there’s happiness, than it’s equal on both sides. When there’s friction, then you need to work up some points.

💕4. Listen To Her Problems, Don’t Solve Them

When your wife speaks, she just wants to be heard. She wants your sympathy, a shoulder to cry on, that is it! She does not want your advice, unless she specifically asks for it. Please don’t criticize her, it only hurts her. She wants to hear that you care about her needs and you understand.

Men Talk = To discuss problems and to give and receive solutions.
Women Talk = To have their emotions recognized and understood.

💕5. She Needs More Non-Sexual Physical Closeness

Last but not least, your wife needs some emotional closeness, to feel secure in your relationship. This can be achieved by,

Hugging and cuddling

Playful caresses

Kisses and flirtatious looks

Ok hubbys, give these simple steps a try, and see the barakah fill your home InshaAllah. You have nothing to lose, and lots to gain, so let the happiness rain in!

By Umm Abdullah


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