7 Tips on Dawah (Calling Non-Muslims to Islam)

7 Tips on Dawah (Calling Non-Muslims to Islam)

(Taken from the Islaaminfo Forum Project)


1) Our etiquette, dressing, behaviour and dealings reflect on Islam. We are all ambassadors of Islam- willingly or unwillingly! The manner in which we conduct ourselves with all those around us speaks volumes!


2) Verbal discussions and a display of exemplary character (Akhlaaq). When preaching, tolerance, perseverance and wisdom are required.


3) You could also support Dawah organizations financially, or by spending time with them to assist them.


4) At work, keep a few books and articles where Non-Muslims can see them and when they ask you about it, you can give it to them to read. You can also post a few articles on your wall at work if you have an office.


5) E-mail friends and co-workers information, e-books and website links on Islam that relate to them. Make sure the literature is Authentic.


6) Keep some Authentic phamplets and books in your car which you can hand to Non-Muslims if the topic comes up.


7) First off, make sure you have both Ikhlaas & I’tibaa – sincerity in intention & correction of action. Make sure your intention is solely for the pleasure of ALLAH. Every action gives a reaction: Your actions are observed by others through your behavior & manners. You become the role model for what Islaam is all about. Both methods (Dawah by words & actions) were used by the Prophet (Peace & Blessings be upon Him) when delivering the message of Islaam. He was the perfect example of what He was calling the people to do. Aa’ishah, (May ALLAH be pleased with her), said that if you would like to see a living example of the Qur’aan walking, then simply look to Muhammad, (Peace be upon Him). His life was the best example of the noble teachings & principles set forth in the Qur’aan. We as Muslims are supposed to advise everyone by using a gentle & simple approach to attract the hungry souls to the Way of ALLAH.




If you are a Non-Muslim or you have Non-Muslim friends who are interested in Islam you can contact the IPCI at: info@ipcisa.com.

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