Cry The Beloved Ummat

On the one side, we have the USA, NATO, Turkey, the Arab countries and many western countries – supporting the so-called Sunni world; on the other, we have Iran, Russia, China and some other Far-Eastern countries backing the so called Shi’ite world.  On a broader level, we can say its East versus West, with many other smaller battles following different ideologies taking place within the bigger battle, and all of them have made Syria their military playground. With all the proxy countries involved, the Middle-East has become Muddle East, and although we are five years into this bloody civil unrest, the scene seems to be set for a long and

Second Wife

Second wife! The words reverberated through my brain. Why? Am I not good enough? Never! I will never accept a second wife! If you want a second wife you can go out and get one as long as you know that I will not be here when you come back! Those were my words to my husband a few years ago when he mentioned to me that he is intending to marry again a second time. It was a woman recently divorced, 4 children. ‘She is having a hard time’, he said, she didn’t know where the next meal is coming from or how to provide adequately for her children.

Beyond Elected Government. Just Government

Beyond Elected Government. Just Government “If a dog dies of thirst at the bank of Euphrates, how shall I answer for that to Allah.” By Khalid Baig “Surely, Allah commands you to fulfill trust obligations toward those entitled to them and that when you judge between people, judge with fairness.” [An-Nisa 3:58]   This is an essential verse of the Qur’an to be consulted by anyone who wants to understand Islam’s teachings about governance and government. While it talks about discharging trust obligations and being just in all situations, it has special implications for staffing and running public office.   Amanah (discharging one’s trust obligations) and Adl (Justice) are highly

What Does Islam Teach About Justice?

What Does Islam Teach About Justice?   ‘Neither love nor hatred can be allowed to compromise justice.‘ By Khalid Baig Source :   There is one word that captures the essence of all Islamic laws and all Islamic teachings; one word that describes the overriding value that permeates all Islamic values. Justice. The Qur’an says: “We sent aforetime our messengers with clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance, that men may stand forth in Justice.” [Al-Hadeed 57:25]   The sole purpose of sending the prophets was to establish Justice in the world and end injustice. Broadly speaking, doing justice means giving everyone his due.

On Religious Tolerance

On Religious Tolerance   By Khalid Baig POSTED: 25 ZUL-HIJJAH 1421, 21 MARCH 2001   While on his deathbed, Sayyidna Umar ibn al-Khattab, Radi-Allahu unhu, dictated a long Will consisting of instructions for the next Khalifah. Here is the last sentence of that historic document: “I instruct you on behalf of the people who have been given protection in the name of Allah and His Prophet . [That is the dhimmis or the non-Muslim minorities within the Islamic state]. Our covenant to them must be fulfilled, we must fight to protect them, and they must not be burdened beyond their capabilities.”   At that time Sayyidna Umar was lying in