7 Benefits of sending blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Sending peace and blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is not only highly virtuous but something many Muslims are unfortunately not doing enough. In hopes of inspiring you to pick up the great habit of consistently sending blessings on the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, we have put together a short list of benefits one achieves by doing so. 1️⃣ You are fulfilling a command of Allah Ta’ala Allah Subhaanahu WaTa’ala clearly commands the believers in the Quran to send blessings on the Prophet Muhammadﷺ. “ Indeed, Allah and His Angels send blessing upon the Prophet, and His angels. O you who have believed, ask [Allah to send] blessing upon him and

Patience with Trials and Hardship

Imagine yourself in this position. Your beloved husband with whom you have grown in Islam, who has supported you through the difficulties of life, who has helped you raise your dear children and who has provided for you by Allah Ta’ala’s permission passes away. How would you react? Would you be overcome with despair and grief? Would you fret over who will provide for you and your children? This is what happened to Umm Salamah, one of the great companions of the Prophet (Salallaahu Alaihi Wasalaam) when her husband passed away. How did she react to this trial that befell her? We shall learn later. Allah Ta’ala has promised each

What does Islam say about Music and Singing?

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful, The worst-case scenario in the event of being inflicted with a disease is when the one involved refuses to believe that he has been inflicted with that disease. The way this phenomenon is accepted and recognised in diseases and illnesses that affect the physical body, it is also true with regards to spiritual diseases and ailments. When a person commits a sin (May Allah save us all) believing that a sin is being committed and feels regret and remorse in the heart, then this is far better than committing the sin and believing it to be lawful (halal). In the former


O Muslim, lawful things have good attributes Where is the good in singing, dancing and listening to flutes? Can we compare the words of singers and sounds of Musicians To the Glorious Quran, its lessons, wisdoms and admonitions? How many singers do you know and give admiration, And how many do you know of the companions and the following generation? How much do you spend on singers from your dollars? Compared to how many you know of Islamic Scholars. Do you see how much is memorized of Music songs? While you ignore the book to which memorization belongs? How much do you memorize of these incantations? And swayed back and

Why is Homosexuality Prohibited?

QUESTION Salam! I am a teenager from pakistan. I am 17 and doing my a levels. Several people around me are supporters of the lgbtq community. As much as I try to condemn it is hard doing so overtly as it ends up in me being ostracised. In a honesty I am not clear on islams view on homosexuality. Why it’s forbidden and when they ask me why I’m against it I end up saying because islam says so but obviously it says so for a reason. I want to know why so i can refute the argument of such people and hold strong in my faith. They interpret quranic